Photo by Brett Jordan on Growing up, we all had labels, so this is not a new phenomenon. We used to classify people as optimist, pessimist, hardworking, lazy, diplomatic, frank, aloof etc. You get what I am saying… the basic human traits. Today we have new labels thanks to the 1 lakh opinions out … Continue reading Labels

Comfort zones

The hand that nurtured you was hard and rough. The heart that loved you is forever sleeping. People change their motives depending on what you can do for them. A selfless soul I am yet to meet. Everyone has so many shades. And not all of them are gray. A sad heart, but a smiling … Continue reading Comfort zones


Dear Babbu, If you are reading this, it probably means you are old enough to understand death. As a child you were told that grandma is in office when she died; you were only three years old, too young to understand the meaning of the word ‘death.’ Some of my friends were very creative when … Continue reading Letter


Today I tripped on the footpath and stumbled, hit my knee against the hard gravel. But the first word out of my mouth wasn't 'goddammit' or some such, I still called for you. As the pain passed through my knee, my friend said I repeated it again and again, like a small child hurt on … Continue reading February


Recently, a video about the millennials has gone viral, where in one of the segments the speaker talks about how the youth want to make an impact on the world. Well, even though I am not from that particular segment, I too had similar aspirations when I joined the workforce. I wanted to make an … Continue reading Impact