What Women Want


The movie starring Mel Gibson grossed over 375 million dollars. However, if you ask a man today what women want, they will either change the subject or pretend to be occupied. I’ll let you in on a secret. Women don’t know either.

I have had friends who have cried over men and how they were destroyed by what a man did. . I have had heart aches from listening to women pour out their disgust, anger and betrayal. If we narrow it down to us as human beings, then it gets simpler.  Human beings need love, water and food, not necessarily in that order. Beginning with our mothers starts our association with love. The unconditional love that a mother gives a child is what we yearn for throughout our lives. This is again irrespective of gender.

What women want depends on the role they are currently in. A mother wants good health for her child; a wife wants love and security. But to be fair again this is exactly what a man would want also. The difference is how one achieves it. For example, a woman may look at cleaning a house as a way to keep a child healthy, but a man may think of materialistic things such life insurance and such like to enhance a child’s health. Both are essential for the development of the child. The want is the same only the rationale to achieve it is different. 

A woman is said to have a hundred thoughts in her mind at a given point of time. We are constantly comparing ourselves with other woman, other families. Our expectation for ourselves is much higher than anyone else’s. In this lies our downfall. A renowned writer once wrote an article about how woman are more stressed than men. He gave the same reasons, including blaming the mothers- in law. So if women step back and stop judging themselves constantly, then maybe we would be able to figure out what exactly we want.

There are exceptions to every rule so I can’t generalize and assume that all woman think in the same way. I know women who are focused on their careers, homes and their health. These women know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. For them independence is more important than being tied to a relationship, or what people around them think of them. Life is all about living without regrets. This is where our happiness lies. If we can truly live our lives without regrets, we will be able to face the rainbow after the storm.

So what do woman want? The answer is everything a man wants .Human beings want to be hugged, loved and comforted. As children we want toys, and as adults we don’t want to be treated as toys. At the prime of life we want all the material comforts of the world and in old age we look for the comfort in a warm hug from a loved one. It’s time we realize that it is not about the gender. It is about the cravings that we have at various stages in our lives.



September 28, 2013.



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