Flim Review -Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2


The film starts off with a recap of the part one version, and for someone like me who hasn’t viewed the first part that really helped. The film revolves around the central character played by Flint Lockwood who has created a machine which creates food from only water. His idol Chester V, the CEO of Live Corp, offers him a dream job in his company just so as to keep an eye on the young inventor and to use his invention for his commercial benefit. He persuades Flint to go back to his island as his team is unable to search for the invention itself. So the second part of the film takes us back to the island where we get to a series of characters. From watermelon elephants to spring onions dinosaurs to giant cheeseburger spider who is made out to be the villain in the movie until Sam Sparks, flints’ girlfriend convinces him that the creatures are more human and are merely protecting their environment. The story is predictable but what really deserves credit is the animation and the creativity shown by the animation team with regards to the different characters of food. For example there is the jelly fish toast, and the prawn chimpanzee, the talking strawberry and the taco monster. It makes you look at food from a different angle. The film is a visual treat as you get to see a lot of characters as each one has its own appeal. However due to the lack of punch in the story line, the film  fails to capture the attention of the intended audience i.e. the kids. Overall the movie is a one time watch on a boring Sunday afternoon.

Rating: 2 and half Stars.


December 26th 2013.


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