What a Man can be Must Be

Sometimes my mind becomes so heavy; it has a thousand thoughts going on. Things to do, circumstances I can’t change, people in the past – I want to multi task on at least ten things. I want to lose weight, I want to study, I want to watch my favorite TV serials, and I want to work and want to spend time with my son all at the same time. Is there an app for that?


Recently while browsing through the various social media sites I came across a girl who had posted a very derogatory cartoon about consensual sex. Immediately I made a judgment about the girl, cursing today’s generation of having no sense of purpose, only concentrating on the outer body. It didn’t help when I saw one more photo of her in skimpy shorts, asking how she looked. But I went further into her profile. Ok, now I know you are thinking I am snooping but curiosity killed the cat. I saw that she is quite a designer who loves to draw and sketch and is a wonderful artist.  I judged her too soon. May be what she portraits to the world of her being all sexy is just an act to hide the sweet innocence in her sketches. I realized that everyone has a dream and if you have what it takes, you should never give up. Sounds clichéd I know, but think about what you really want to do in life and go ahead and do it. STRIVE for it, live, breath and sleep for it. Don’t wait for a critic to tell you you’re good. Instead know that your time will come and you will shine.


I see experienced writers write every day, I see choreographers learning new moves, hairdressers by choice, people wanting to take up a new job in a completely new field in the prime of their lives and I marvel at  human endurance and need for learning and improving oneself . There are some who are quite happy with the way their life is moving – secure job, social friends, all the trappings, all at a very young age. They are truly happy with what life has offered them. But all of them have one thing in common – they all want to leave a legacy behind. Even a data entry professional, has some creativity which is probably buried as they are not able to pursue it due to their financial situation. But the minute you realize what you are supposed to do on this planet, your role in society is clear; it’s like Aladdin’s lamp has been lit and a genie has manifested himself with an idea in your head. Then starts the tough part of pursing it relentlessly until you reach the edge, where you will either quit or you will move on much stronger.

This is the hardest part. At that time, just look back. See what you have achieved even if it is small. Your suitcase of life is much fuller now, it has all your experiences good and bad and that’s why you are standing where you’re standing so you have no other option but to move on.


November 7, 2013.


14 thoughts on “What a Man can be Must Be

  1. Reminds me of something i wrote long back…..
    What is more important is to know that –When God leads you to the edge of difficulty- TRUST HIM FULLY.ONE OF TWO THINGS WILL HAPPEN. EITHER HE WILL CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL OR TEACH YOU HOW TO FLY.
    Welcome back to living, Khushnuma…………. Make your life rock again !!!
    You just took a DEEP BREATH OF SUNSHINE…..
    The reluctant writer

    ( from a DEEP BREATH OF SUNSHINE written sometime in 2011 for Parsi Times)…

    KOW…KOW…KOW…(Keep On Writing).

  2. I’v reached a point in life where worldly ambitions don’t matter to me anymore. I think of them as expectations that are unnecessary. In the greater scheme of things, what really matters for me is that I made connections with people and extended myself to them.

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  12. Very true! I’ve always wanted to study art but until a year ago there was no opportunity for me to do so. Yesterday, at the age of 52, I have completed my first year undergrad toward a bachelor’s in Fine Art. Where there is a desire and a will, there is a way. 🙂

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