Marriage is a gamble

This is a very popular saying among my friends. If love works, it’s for life or only for tonight. It starts from our childhood. Parents brainwash kids into thinking that marriage is a measure of success. They use words and phrases like “settle down”, “responsibility” “value of money”. As soon as he is of marriageable … Continue reading Marriage is a gamble


100 Happy Days Challenge

100 Happy days Challenge When I heard about the 100 happy days challenge, my first thought was What? No way!  No way can somebody be happy for 100 days .Those who claim to be happy all the time are either faking it or living in a bubble or maybe they are on some special medication … Continue reading 100 Happy Days Challenge

Top Ten professions that the world cannot do without

The world is filled with teachers, doctors, architecture, cost accountants, bankers and advertisers business man selling various products. We definitely need them and every parent would like their child to grow up into any one of these secured careers. However, there are certain professions that the world cannot do without as these professions add the … Continue reading Top Ten professions that the world cannot do without