Top Ten professions that the world cannot do without

The world is filled with teachers, doctors, architecture, cost accountants, bankers and advertisers business man selling various products. We definitely need them and every parent would like their child to grow up into any one of these secured careers. However, there are certain professions that the world cannot do without as these professions add the beauty and meaning to this dreary world but are considered less secure.

  1. Writers: Of course the first one has to be writers. Imagine all the newspapers talking of only the financial news or crimes. Feature writers are so very much needed. We need them to fill out the spaces between government news and crime news.
  2. Insurance Advisers: When we take up our first job in any sector, we are also approached by insurance agents who want us to plan for the future, plan for our retirement or even for our loved ones after our passing away. I think these people have the right intention but are often misunderstood due to the commission based job and the hassle of claiming the money. But they are required, if you want to be independent in your late years and not be dependent on your loved ones financially.
  3. Pastry chefs: Ok I know all the chefs may be offended that food is more essential and that their profession is what the world needs. I agree to the same and now this is one of the more secure professions of our times. But many a times, we discourage anyone wanting to be a pastry chef. I need my desserts. You can feed me vegetables, you can feed me diet food but I need my dessert to complete my meal. They literally add sweetness to our lives.
  4. Sportsmen: If every child was conditioned to grow up to be a banker or a lawyer or into any secured line of work, then the country would have no playgrounds. Children would only concentrate on studying and would be obese due to lack of exercise. Even chess or indoor games would be used to measure only the IQ of the child and nothing else.
  5. Defense services: Very rarely do we find civilians without any defense personnel in their family joining the defense forces. I could be wrong on this but generally if your father or grandfather was in the army then the children are more inclined to move into the defense services and also because the family is more familiar with the nuances of army life. There could be more people inclined to the defense forces if our children were given that option and our fears of keeping them protected and within our horizon wasn’t more overpowering.
  6. Artiste: When we talk of an artiste, it a huge umbrella. We have sketchers, painters, musicians, singers, actors, graffiti artists, fashion designers, painters on glass, disc jockey etc. So if a child wants to pursue any one of these options it is immediately met with dismissal. These professions are less secure i.e. no monthly income. But if we didn’t have these artistes amongst us would we understand the depth of color, the emotion in a singers voice, the trauma enacted based on real life scenarios? Imagine how dreary would our lives be if we didn’t listen to our favorite song when we felt blue, or if we couldn’t express our emotions through various colors and strokes. Our clothes would be completely mismatched and our sense of fashion would only reflect in the type of cars we purchased and what seat color it would be.
  7. Animators: Some people would not agree with me on this one particular profession. But what’s life without Tom and Jerry? Imagine not being able to see the droopy eyes of the cat in Shrek, or watching the magic in Santa Claus. In fact because of the animators, our kids have imaginations; they show animals which are extinct, they show animals talking, they believe in fairies and genies, make wishes keeping those characters in mind. So if we didn’t have this industry the advertisements shown on TV would be mere placards of black and white selling their products. The children would never sing along with their favorite cartoon character and never know what a wicked witch looks like or what it is to be compassionate to your friends. Truly the animation industry brings joys to the heart of the children and adults alike, a world of fantasy to escape to.
  8.  Environmentalists: We are so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t seem to worry about things that plague our world. Where would our world be if we didn’t have environmentalists who were not fighting for saving the rain forest or planting more trees or adopting animals? Would we know what dolphins look like if they didn’t have protesters protecting them and ensuring laws are passed for the same?
  9. Photographers: If only we could capture all our memories in our head and rewind them when we are old and need to reminisce. But this is one profession which has grown leaps and bounds. It’s not only about the wedding photographer anymore; its wildlife photography, its nature and finding the hidden creatures and their emotions and capturing them at the right moment which makes this the profession what we need.
  10. Comedy writers or stand-up comedians: The reason why I have listed this separately as against combining it with the artiste tag is because I feel that it takes a lot of effort to make someone laugh. We all are going through life’s struggles so tragedy comes more easily to us. But to laugh in the face of adversity is phenomenal. To consistently search for humor in grim situations and to turn it around requires a lot of talent and should be always wanted and appreciated.


So my appeal is to every parent to let the kids explore territories which are less secure, have more risk but are essential for the world to work as a well-oiled machine.

There could be more professions that I may have missed out purely to my limited knowledge of the world, but I would love to hear about it from you. Let me know how passionate you are about a particular profession.


November 26, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten professions that the world cannot do without

  1. On a serious note…SHIPPING as a profession. Shipping is taken for granted by almost all people. Just think if all sea trade stopped. 90% of the worlds’ trade is done by ships. Oil, raw/construction materials, Food products especially for the poor countries. If ships stopped trading, half the world would starve and the other half would freeze in the cold.

    • Yes Mehernosh that’s why its in the important professions . The professions i mentioned are not secure, don’t pay on time or well, and if the world were to end they wouldn’t want to continue them.

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