100 Happy Days Challenge

100 Happy days Challenge

When I heard about the 100 happy days challenge, my first thought was What? No way!  No way can somebody be happy for 100 days .Those who claim to be happy all the time are either faking it or living in a bubble or maybe they are on some special medication to be prancing around happy for 100 days.

So I read a little bit more and I realized it’s just once a day you have to appreciate something or someone who made you happy by uploading a photograph with the hash tag and do that continuously for 100 days . For more details click the link.http://100happydays.com/

Hey how hard could it be? I mean I know February is approaching and I hate Valentine’s Day and my mom’s death anniversary is approaching as well, so really could I be happy on those days? I guess I will have to find out. Losing her last year had been the most painful thing so the whole of last year I was cursing the world (not that I have stopped), I was cursing the universe and couldn’t wait for it to end.

So this year out of the 365 days of the year, let me dedicate at least 100 consecutive days of being happy or at least appreciating one thing to be happy about. It’s simple really when you think of it.

I find this is the perfect way to change the world slowly. If more and more people consciously search for things in their life which is good and what makes them smile, even for a minute, I think they can in turn be happier. There is no start date to the contest; in fact one can start at any time so I think this year is going to be happy for many more people. At the end of the contest, you may not win a lottery but you sure will win a collage of your photos with memories far more precious.

Who knows after the 100 days, it may become a habit, a habit worth keeping.










2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge

  1. Trying is always good, even if you have 2 bad days: 98 GOOD ones! I think it’s worth the try and set an example. Too many people on this world are too miserable (read unsatisfied) for nothing.

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