To vote or Forever remain Silent

India is going through what we call a political turmoil. It wants to change. It wants to be a super power. But from the time it has got independence till date, not much can be said about the progress of India. Yes, we have expanded. We have built monorail, metros, bridges, dams, cities with high rises but at the cost of corruption. Every month or so there is some minister who is caught in a scam of not just a few lakhs of rupees but a crores of rupees, all in the guise of development. I don’t want to bore you with the details of scams but let’s face it – India is fed up. It is grabbing the monster of corruption and brutally assaulting it with all its might. The people have spoken and either we change or forever keep silent.

Let me give you an ABC of the political situation in India. My view only! We have three major parties campaigning, one is the Congress which already has lost the election in the capital and has failed miserably in garnering any support. Then there is the BJP which has a lot of experience in politics, both good and bad. And lastly we have the AAP which was formed one year ago by a common man fed up with the system. So that’s the ABC of Politics i.e. AAP, BJP, and Congress. Now out of the three, only AAP and BJP have the power to make the changes as the ruling Congress has proved beyond doubt that not only is it incapable of managing the country, it can’t manage its own ministers.


The nation currently is divided among these two groups. Social media is feeding this frenzy. Discussion about these two parties’ head honchos is being talked about more than Bill Clinton’s affairs gone public. At parties, coffee breaks, office lunch’s people are clearly divided between these two parties. Now if only someone would have used so much energy we would have started cleanup operation much faster. Even Indians residing outside India are jumping on the wagon, even though any changes in policy may not make any more changes for them. But let’s appreciate the fact that their love for the country still remains.

Due to this passionate environment, a new set of fanatics has risen from this sleepy country.

The definition of a fanatic is – A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

Earlier politics was only about getting a holiday and going to vote. Now it’s about the right to vote. People from all levels of society are scrutinizing every minister, every law, exposing malpractices. People have formed groups and now are so fanatical about their candidate that even if the candidate does something wrong they are willing to overlook it.

The bottom line is this we all want India to change but our personal differences may win again. History has shown that politicians feed on the divide and rule policy. Earlier we were divided by religion and now we are divided by politics. Only when we realize that standing with each other and questioning each candidate will we be able to make this country worth living for our future generations.

Whom do I support? Well that’s another blog all together.


28th December 2013.


5 thoughts on “To vote or Forever remain Silent

    • Hmm the point of this is that most of the youth today want to get involved but sadly its all about Facebook for them . The main point of the article was that fanatics of all the parties are fighting tooth and nail knowing very well on what their party represents. I guess everyone wants the best but the politics is a dirty game

  1. How do u change something when there are so many people who are ready to put u down. For me, politics is just a mystery with no idea as to which leader can make situations better for India.

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