Nurture- Short Story

Even after eight years they still looked out for each other. Their breakfast was always their ‘us- time’. Pheroze talked of his job at the airline as cabin crew… He told Delnaz stories about people who were rude to him and also of people who were thankful. Delnaz enjoyed all that banter. She was a fashion magazine editor. She secretly wanted to be a writer and Pheroze’s stories provided the dose of imagination that she needed to make up stories in her head.

Her job required her to travel. She tried to book a flight on the airline Pheroze worked in so she could spend some time with him on flights. There was no shortage of love between them. All they needed was another person to share the love with.

They loved kids and wanted at least one of their own. They had tried all methods but without any success. They didn’t let it affect them.

After much deliberation, they decided to go for adoption. They registered themselves and were placed in the waiting list after all the checks about their character were completed.

They waited and waited. It had been two years.


Pheroze could see the toll the prospect of adoption was taking, on her face. He never left hope. He knew they would make excellent parents and the baby was just waiting for the right time to arrive.

The phone rang one October morning, while they were at the breakfast table. It was the adoption agency. They had a young mother who wanted to give up her unborn child up for adoption. The toast slipped from his hand and he grabbed Delnaz and gave her the news. Her face lit up and they both couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. They had to go the next day to meet the woman who was going to give them what they wanted.

They were at the hospital, where Khushi had come for a checkup. As they looked at her, they couldn’t help but be alarmed. Khushi was barely 18 years old. She was a teenage mother who had made some bad choices. But she was smiling as she approached them, and held out her hand in order to greet them. They introduced themselves even though the adoption agency would have shown their file to her. Pheroze asked if everything was alright with the child and Khushi nodded. They met several times after that. And then the day came when Khushi went into labor.

The labor was intense. Khushi’s frame was small due to her age. Both Pheroze and Delnaz were pacing outside the delivery room like nervous parents should. They heard a wail and stopped pacing. Their child was here. The doctor came out after what seemed like an eternity and told them it was a girl. They asked about Khushi and how she was, the doctor assured them that she was stable and she would be coming out shortly with the child.

Khushi was tired and woke up late in the evening; both Pheroze and Delnaz had been there for her. The doctor came and certified that everything was normal and the child could be discharged the day after tomorrow. Khushi had two nights with her. It tore her heart that the child she wanted, she had to give up. That night she held her. Oh how stupid she had been to fall in love with that moron Rohinton. He had promised her the world; made false promises. Not once had he inquired about her health or that of the baby in the last nine months. She held her love in her arms, and imagined her life with her child only if she had her after 5 years or so. She was having second thoughts and wanted to keep her. The day of discharge arrived. Khushi held her for the last time. She didn’t want to let go but she knew Delnaz had waited for this day more than her. Her child had chosen Delnaz .She kept her promise and gave up her love once again.

Such is the way of life. Neither Abortion or Adoptions are not always so simple. Adoption is not always about whose child you receive. It’s also about giving up a child who you want to hold on to but can’t.




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