The Anonymous Writer

I am blogger, but I didn’t know that I was writer too. We have Facebook to vent our one- liners and we have Twitter to let random strangers know what we are doing. But blogging is a different world all together. Our blogs are our personal diaries; we share our greatest fears and we share our smallest achievements with a 500 word write up. There are bloggers who are struggling with various diseases, some suffering from heartache, some first timers who just want to be heard. But all have a common purpose to someday be recognized by their words, to someday be published or to just connect with people with similar circumstances.

So I am truly blessed to have discovered a page on Facebook nonetheless that lets the anonymous writer within each of us to be heard. The Anonymous Writer page is not an ordinary page; it’s a page that is totally unbiased with regards to their political views. The writers or the admins of the page write from their heart and they weave stories that are real and make you relive your heartaches and all the 1000 emotions that we face in a day. I was a fan first and now I am an admin with them. I owe them my words and my heartfelt thanks as they were the ones who encouraged me to write short stories, a talent that I didn’t think I had within me. I have miles to go before I can come close to the standards of the veteran writers on that page. I used to always wonder how the plot, the suspense and the characters come alive with each passing word, from the write-ups on the page. I know now the effort that goes in writing and putting yourself out there waiting to be critiqued by strangers nonetheless. The audience that TAW ranges across ages and therefore a lot of good and bad criticism can be received from them. I think every critic teaches you and they are a vital element of the story as well. So please do visit their page and see if the young blood with a fresh perspective can bring out the writer in you.

You can also inbox them with your write-ups and they could post it if they find it appealing.

Thank you and keep on writing.


10th March 2014.


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