Love- Short Story

Chris was God’s child. He was angelic and at a very young age he had a fascination for cars. He would look at all the advertisments in the newspapers and ask his daddy to get him those cars; and his father always complied by finding a miniature version of the same.

Armin was born a few miles away in the remote town of Sangamner. Armin loved cars, dolls, guns and everything pink. Armin learnt how to ride a bicycle with ease and loved a game of cricket as well.

Chris met Armin in school. They hit it off from the start.

They graduated together; they even knew each others’ secrets.

Now they were 30 years old and they wanted to get married.

“Your dad will never agree, Chris” Armin wailed . “You know how conservative they are about love marriages, so us getting married is out of the question.”

“So lets run away”, said Chris.

“Its not that simple. They will find us eventually if we remain in India. Everywhere we go, we will live in fear.” replied Armin.

“Then let’s get out of India toHawaii or Florida; just imagine the sun, the sand, you and me. Come on, at least let’s just apply and see. My friend who is a chef there can look out for us a few months I am sure” said Chris .

“Ok I’ll think about it” lied Armin.

The fact was just the next day a prospective wedding-material candidate, was going to come and Armin had to decide. Father had given an ultimatium, either the marriage happened or he would kill himself.

Armin agreed to the marriage. The break-up was painful.

Chris had cried; he tried to explain to Armin that this would ruin three lives. But Armin’s mind was made up. Father had kept the bottle of poison on the table once the guests had left, just to prove his point.

The wedding day arrived . Since they were best of friends, Chris was obviously invited. Both families had also become friends but they were ignorant of the love shared between the two. How could they know? After all, Chris was Armin best buddy , his childhood friend. They had so many sleepovers and no one suspected anything . Two boys could do no wrong.

As Armin sat on the chair with his wife he scanned the reception area, searching for Chris but Chris had left. He went to a country where he would be accepted. He went to a country where it wasn’t a crime to love another man. Today he had not only lost his best friend but also his soulmate.

Three lives were living a lie-Chris, Armin and his wife. If only Chris had asked his father for Armin instead of the cars when he was a child, his father would have given him Armin.




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