I was introduced to music by my father and sister. We all used to listen to Bon Jovi, Meatloaf and some of the 90s music that I cannot recollect. If someone were to ask me who my favorite artist was, I would probably select the latest musician’s work but in my solitude I would also appreciate the songs sung by other artists. However much I tried, I couldn’t decide on who was the best because for me each song meant a different emotion.

There are various types of music. There are love songs, hard rock, soft rock, pop, jazz, Bollywood and various other genres that I am ignorant of.

But I always believed that each artist/musician should be respected.

As a teenager I used to like hard rock, pop and soft rock ballads. But over a period of time my college friend introduced me to Bollywood songs, not the new ones but the RD Burman type and the Kishore da type of songs. And I started listening to these regularly. Even today when I hear these old ballads I can feel the passion with which these songs were sung.

Music has been proven to help release stress. It is known to elevate moods. For every emotion we feel there could be a song waiting to be heard. Whether it’s crooning for a loss of a loved one or to put that extra step in your daily routine, music plays an important role in our lives.

We defend the music we listen to. So even though there were a lot of boy bands during my time like Boyzone or Backstreet Boys who used to churn out love songs and make all the teenage girls go weak in their knees, I was open to all types of music. Because of this, even the heavy metal music, whose words I couldn’t understand, I appreciated.

My point is: Music is important to one’s soul. Music while dressing up to go to work or to go to a party instantly puts you in a good mood. So whether it’s Justin B or Metallica each genre of music is enriching our world.

You may make fun of Justin B but the teenager that is undergoing depression may feel calm after listening to him.

You may not like Mozart but the elderly find the music soothing. Even Rap for instance has given an outlet to young teenagers to write songs from the heart and talk about oppression through their lyrics.

So my point of view is be it any artist good or bad, there is a fan who appreciates him. So the artist must be doing something right.

So if you don’t like the song, then change the channel but don’t make fun of people of who want to listen to that genre of music.

Let’s face it – we cannot do justice to all genres of music if we insist on only listening to one artist. There are artist waiting to be discovered and maybe you may find a new artist that you like simply because you gave them a chance to be heard.

We cannot assume that the ones we like are the best artists without having listened to more, can we?

We shouldn’t have to defend the music we want to listen to. Music is supposed to bring people closer not tear them apart. It is what connects the heart to the brain.


11th March 2014.




6 thoughts on “Music

  1. “So my point of view is be it any artist good or bad, there is a fan who appreciates him. So the artist must be doing something right.”

    That is the TRUTH !!!…KOW.

  2. Lovely! I’m very open when it comes to music. I listen to many different genres and always have something playing while I’m awake. Even when the music is off, I always seem to have a song stuck in my head. 🙂

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