Two Mothers

Behram was a young boy of about eleven. He was playing with his friends in the colony in Bombay, which comprised of Parsi families. The group of boys had known each other since childhood and would regularly hang out on the streets around the colony and would look out for one another.

They proceeded to the nearby market to grab some eatables. While crossing the road, Behram met with an accident with a speeding bike and he hit his head. He was bleeding profusely. One of his friends called his mother from his cell phone and they informed Behram’s parents.
He was rushed to the hospital.

He was operated on, and kept in the ICU for 10 days. The family was not able to afford the expensive tests and treatments and made an appeal to the residents of their colony, their community and their friends and relatives. Social media spread the story and soon money started pouring in. The boy recovered; however he would need continuous physiotherapy as his movements had become restricted. The family thanked the community for their kind and generous donations. They made an appeal to stop the donations as they had been able to pay for the surgery and the hospitalization with the funds gathered. A mother didn’t lose her son due to lack of resources.

Meanwhile in Pune, a young boy of twelve was diagnosed with Aplastic anemia. He didn’t belong to an affluent community. In fact, his mother worked as a maid in various houses trying to make ends meet. They didn’t even have a bank account and there were no savings. They had no knowledge of social media and could not make an appeal. The boy’s destiny was already written. He was going to do die. This time, a mother was going to lose her son.

Money if not used correctly is wasted. We spend Rs. 1000 or even Rs. 500 without thinking in order to catch the latest blockbuster movie. But we will think twice before donating. It is not a wrong thing to investigate before donation but many would think –“Oh can I afford it? I am sure someone will help them, those rich wealthy types.” or “I am still struggling, what can I do?” These are the thoughts we have in our minds. So we simply share the message on social media or we simply ignore it.

Sometimes you should trust the universe and make a small contribution, however small. I have always believed if you give away your old clothes, you are making room for new ones. If you donate and even if the person misuses it, that money will come back to you threefold because your intention was not wrong. In the worst case, you won’t catch the next flick in the theater but can catch it on TV in two weeks’ time.

Because, when you get to hear that because of you that child got to walk again or he got a few more years to live, that feeling can’t be compared to what any blockbuster movie engenders.

This story is part fiction but the boy from Pune is real. In case you would wish to donate follow their facebook page Friends of AJIT. It is a curable disease however without proper medication and surgery it would turn fatal.Three families where the mother works set up her bank account and are making appeals to their friends to donate to this cause as well.

P. S. – Ajit passed away on 26th May 2014 .


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