Legacy- Before and After

The definition of legacy is:

-an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

But I have a very different point of view as to what constitutes legacy. For me legacy is what one leaves behind for your loved ones, not in kind or money.

My Mom was a typist, and she did that for 32 years. She used to work and take care of us two girls along with dad. She never applied makeup and she never wasted her time with TV shows. She was a meticulous planner and planned her entire life, right down to her last day. Like her, I too don’t apply make-up, I have cut short my time with TV shows; writing and social media keep me busy. I try planning my days like her but somehow things manage to slip up. Recently, I went to the restaurant with my husband and we couldn’t recollect if we had switched off the stove or not; we had to cut our dinner short and run home to check the same. Thankfully it was. I bet she must have been rolling her eyes up in heaven.

Besides her planning skills, I think I have inherited her sarcasm. Whether it was cleaning the house or eating right, she always had a nice sarcastic retort for me. For example: “So do you think this plate is going to walk all the way up to the kitchen and wash itself?” She would write “CLEAN ME” when she came to visit me at my home, if she saw dust in some place. I never took any of it to heart. But she made me understand that the house is a reflection of the people living there, not to let things pile up, and to keep on finishing chores before moving on to the next one.

But the question is now what will I leave behind for my loved ones. Let me start with my nephews.

I am a Mr. Bean fan. I have several Mr. Bean Display pictures on my Facebook profile in all types of faces and attires. It doesn’t bother me that people find it odd that I choose to show that intelligent but funny man instead of me. My nephews have also taken a liking for him and they have promised to take that legacy of mine forward when they have their own Facebook accounts. They are only 12 and my sister has kept the restrictions on, thankfully. Only a few more years and you never know there could be more and more Mr. Bean fans idolizing him. My nephews already have my wicked sense of humor and drive my sister up the wall with their out of the box questions, so that is one more thing that I leave behind with them.

Now that leaves my son. My legacy that I want to leave him would be my words. When he grows up and he reads these articles I want him to feel what I felt when I saw him win his first race, when I saw him face defeat in front of his friends. I want him to know that his mom had an imagination. What happens now in our country could be history for him; I want him to look at the turmoil that the nation is  facing now, through my writing. That’s the only legacy I have for him. I may not have the money, I may not have the fame but I have these words in black and white. What he does with it is up to him. He may destroy it, save it or simply ignore it; it is all up to him. While I write this an old song from Boyzone comes to my mind- Words.

Now my love
You think that I don’t even mean
A single word I say…
It’s only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away


PS: – Just kidding, my sweet baby. I am sure your father and I would have saved enough for you to have a comfortable life or at least given you the means to survive on your own.



17th February, 2014.






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