A Tribute to the Little One

A month back I had written about Ajit , I am sorry to inform you that he passed away on 26th May 2014. His body couldn’t cope with the multiple blood transfusions and finally pneumonia killed him . I know he was a stranger to me, I know I just contributed monetarily but somehow when I look at his page and his smile, it saddens me. The boy is now free of pain, free of worrying about his next blood transfusion.

Any money left over will be used to educate his brother Ashish.

A small tribute to him.

And so this night begins, where someone mourns and someone rejoices.

The morning tomorrow will be seen by tired eyes and broken hearts.

I will get through this like you will too, this soul is meant to bleed.

It has many more such disappointments now to see.

Yeah I know my cynic mind never sleeps, when it will someday will you weep.

The first night after is the cruelest and the quietest, so here’s hoping the night is kind to the ones you left behind.


26th May 2014.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Little One

  1. Crying for someone who has passed on is an assault on the mind we perpetuate caused by our mind which has been conditioned to do so by observation of similar activity indulged in by most of humanity and further re-in forced by our “beliefs” that physical “death” is the ultimate “end”…..please read a write i wrote on the subject
    DEAD and GONE……REALLY ???
    The reluctant writer.

    Writing the 26th part of God and Gustad, is an emotional moment for me. I had not expected to hold the attention of Freyan, the Parsi Times team (John and Maheringiz in particular) and YOU dear readers for this span of time. Yet it has happened. I do want to Thank all the persons mentioned for creating ‘the reluctant writer.’ Freyan in particular, who always encouraged me to continue writing this with some of the most brilliant ideas……whenever i ran out of them……So here it is -G n G (26)…
    Albert’s body was never found (Soli’s best friend who took the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from KL to Beijing.), or of any of the others on board. As I write this they have not been able to locate even the debris of the ill-fated flight. His wife Flavia had been grieving over her tragic loss. Shireen spent a lot of time with her giving her moral support and reminding her to keep the faith. With each passing day no news was coming forth of what exactly had transpired. The only news being published was of the trauma the relatives of the ill-fated flight were suffering.
    Gustad and Jeroo too were pained to see Flavia in such an emotional predicament. Gustad prayed to God to help him pacify her to some extent at least. Then he saw the light shining bright as ever, which always preceded His arrival.
    As He appeared the bright light shone like nothing they had seen before. They saw his being standing right in the middle of the brightness and bowed to him in reverence.
    “My dears we need to understand that death is but a passing of the soul from the body. The soul is eternal and cannot die. People have had Near Death Experiences, including you when you crashed your cab, remember Gustad ? you felt calm and serene and actually floated above the accident site. You saw clearly how people were milling around the cab , you could hear what they were saying. The white light that engulfed you completely took away all the pain. You felt so calm and serene and the angels who held your hand and flew some distance with you. That was your SOUL travelling, since you were destined to spend more time in this body of Gustad, you survived. Albert’s journey was completed already. Let me explain one thing clearly. Your age is just a number. Albert was younger than you. In a physical sense he had a lot going for him here altruistically. But his soul had finished its tenure as “Albert”, and has moved on. Explain this to Flavia. She will come around and face this truth bravely. Lots of children ‘die’ soon after birth, some ‘die’ within a few years of being born. Please appreciate the fact that “death” is a physical finality for the body NOT your soul.”

    “After death, one’s soul rises above one’s dead body. This has been experienced by many patients in a comatose state, similar to Dr Alexander. This also proves the fact that the body and soul are separate entities, one being destructible, the other eternal.
    Many cases of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are being reported nowadays. According to a study, one in ten cardiac arrest survivors reported having experienced them during their heart failure.
    “There have been many cases of patients in coma (considered a state of death) recounting after coming out of it, to have seen a tunnel which has light at the end of it. Is it a glimpse of a journey to another place ? Apple founder Steve Jobs, just before he died, was heard by near and dear ones as saying “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!”…and died soon afterwards. So, what did his last words mean? Was he happy to die? Was he feeling free of the pain of cancer? Or was he seeing something we couldn’t even imagine? Was it the place he would soon go to?
    When British neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander recovered from his coma, he described an experience which apparently convinced him that an afterlife did exist. It was of the lavishly conventional kind – fluffy clouds, shimmering beings and a beautiful, blue-eyed guide…
    The general human tendency is to fear death, even fear any talk of death, and fear afterlife as well. But why this fear, even “shyness”, to accept the inevitable, when a long history of people dying is before us? Doesn’t our incapacity to accept death make us more miserable in our old age? Doesn’t the theory of an afterlife (as well as reincarnation) give one fresh hope as opposed to a final, all-conclusive Death?
    A person who experienced NDE has described it thus: “All of a sudden, it just came over me and I was in it. I was in that light, and I came to this beautiful area. It’s not human, so it’s difficult to express it humanly, but the room was beautiful. Unlike a dream that was never clear, this was so clear.”

    When Gustad and Jeroo explained this to Flavia she smiled for the first time in days. She felt a huge weight was taken off her chest. Shireen helped to re-inforce her belief in God’s explanation of NDE’s and the after-life by repeating this explanation by God, whenever Flavia sulked or felt grief-stricken.
    One day she looked skywards folded her hands and said “Thank You my Lord, for showing me the way. I know now that you will love and care for my Albert wherever he is now. Amen Amen Amen.”

    The reluctant writer.

    ( Khushi… little Ajit’s in my prayers….,..and yours … and many others… God has chosen to “end” his “mortal suffering” and give his little soul a new lease of “life” …… in a way we, you and i , cannot even begin to comprehend… so please do not “feel sad or grieve for him”… you and i know nothing about God’s game plan for each of us…the least we can do is…… STOP DOUBTING HIS ACTIONS !!!)

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