100 Happy day challenge.

I completed my 100 happy day challenge. For those who don’t know what I am talking about click on this link.

On the onset, I was skeptical. But I am not a quitter. I will be honest and tell you that there were days when I didn’t want to post something happy and wanted to hide in my cocoon, but even during those days I was reminded of my mother’s saying- “Be thankful for all the good in your life.” I always dismissed it as an old woman’s tale and never implemented it.

With this challenge I was able to be thankful for my son and his creativity, I was thankful for the friends and the mentors that I had never publicly acknowledge. I was thankful even for the darkness that surrounded me as I knew now how to handle my demons.

I feel this challenge not only helped me grow closer to my friends and family as they were constantly updated as to what my life was about. But even my father was updated on his grandson’s activities and found joy in all his drama that I had captured. Old friends, who I wasn’t in touch with, suddenly stopped by for a chat. This challenge took a life of its own.

Yes there were cynical people along the way. Who thought that this was just social media propaganda, but when you see things from a grander perspective you can understand them better. If I had listened to them then I wouldn’t have seen the smiling face of my father, while he talked about the photos of my son. I would have probably not reunited with my old friends. I would have continued on this life being ungrateful. Now certainly that is not the way to live is it?

Happiness is now a habit for me. I will search for things in my day that make me smile. I will remove time for old friends and watch the world again through my rose-tinted glasses.



10th May 2014.


One thought on “100 Happy day challenge.

  1. Congratulations Ms K. I too have gone through a long process of looking for joy in life — seems I have lost in somehow. I realized I have been at my highest when I was sharing myself, when I was making a difference. I don’t find myself so useful where I am at the moment. They probably think I am from their end… but not from my end. I think that I am surrounded by very fortunate who are very well provided. You won’t feel poverty in this area of the world. Don’t get me wrong. They’re not rich as in “rich” either, but they certainly are alright — free education, free transportation to school, free notebooks, allowances, and the like.

    I want to go back home and make a difference again… soon when I’m done helping my family (financially). hehe.

    I hope everything’s grand at your end. Miss being here.

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