Conversations with Him, within

Me-Bring her back!!

Him- But, why? What will you change?

Me- I will celebrate her birthday with her. I will celebrate my birthday with her.

Him- So you just want to cut a cake with her?

Me- No, I want to remember her smiling face.

Him- Don’t you think that’s pushing it too far.

Me- Just bring her back.

Him- Ok, so I should I return her with all the pain. Will you be able to handle the sight of all the needles poking her?

Me- No, I want her back to how she was 20 years ago. I want to see how she managed running three houses, her own, her maternal home, and  that of her in-laws  all at once. I haven’t learnt anything from her.

Him- Why? So that you forget to get something special for her from your first salary? Why? So that when you get promoted and reach heights in your career, you forget the woman who toiled away as a typist so as to make sure you got an education? I can’t turn the time back 20 years.

Me- Ok then, the last ten years?

Him- Why? So that you can forget to call her when you travel across the globe? Forget travel across the globe you didn’t even call her while you took your mini vacations, while she stayed at home watching her life pass by.

Me – Stop. Ok, I know I was wrong. Then just the last 5 years. Please. I swear I will make it up to her.

Him- Why? So that you can conveniently push your child to her for babysitting, knowing fully well that she is not her usual self, knowing fully well that she deserved a good night’s rest after working in office, and didn’t have to run around with your child? Why? So that now when your feet ache after a day in office, all you want to do is sleep? Did you not see her aches? Did you not hear her moan?

Me- You are right I don’t deserve her. Let her Rest in Peace. Away from all the aches, away from all the pains. Away from me.

~ K

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