Do you take your life for granted?

No, will be your answer.

Recently, it was announced that the organization I work for will be downsizing. Palpable  panic, followed by emotional outbursts was seen throughout my office. Those who had spent 15-30 years in the organization and were now middle aged or approaching it, were speechless and I can only imagine the sadness that their hearts must have felt.

I was disappointed as well, but I have been through a phase of unemployment and an equally frustrating search for jobs, so I was better prepared. I have completed 6 months here and I love my job. I am thankful for it, so more than the monetary loss, it will be the joy of working on something that I loved, which will hit me hard.

About a month or so back, I heard my colleagues cribbing about the low increments and the bad tea. (I hated the tea as well).  And how the job didn’t provide any career growth. These were the same people who now were heartbroken. Wouldn’t you say they took their job for granted?

In all their indulgence in new shoes and bags, they didn’t save for a rainy day. In their contentment with the job, they didn’t bother with upgrading their skills and were happy with the job, even though there may not have been a specific skill that was being taught to them throughout.

Today all that is changed. My colleagues love this job because the timing at this job is flexible; but they failed to be thankful for that when it was required. In the people survey skills they only listed the negatives and not the positives. Well, according to them, no one asked them for the positives.

How many of us take it for granted that every year the rain gods are going to bless us and then we consequently waste water?

How many of us take it for granted that our mothers are going to live till the ripe old age of 75 simply because our grandparents lived that long? The empty chair hurts doesn’t it?

How many of us take it for granted that our better halves will love us no matter how we treat them? And finally when they walk out on us, we are shocked, and wonder what went wrong!

How many of us learn something new every year just to increase our knowledge or skill and not because the job demands it?

How many of us assume that on the social media platform where you are reading this today, the freedom that you have to be able to speak your mind will remain?

The point is, yes, we all fall into trap of taking things for granted.

A simple thank you to the universe at the start and end of the day may probably do you good.  And maybe a hug to your loved ones will help you through all the surprises life throws your way. Walk that extra mile and learn something new.

You never know when the universe will smile back.

© KB, 2014


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