Recently the film PK got released and with that, started all the controversies. There was another film released right after PK. Ugly.

This film didn’t have any controversies about nakedness nor did it have religious fanatics gunning for the actor’s life. Heck, it didn’t have any item songs which we could have moved to, on 31st December, 2014.

Ugly was a film based on actual events and the story, well, was thought provoking to say the least. But it lacked the star presence of the Khans or other Bollywood biggies. The story revolved around a 10 year old girl who goes missing from her dad’s car in Mumbai.

As the plot evolves, the ugly side of parenting and money is revealed. The director Anurag Kashyap has depicted Mumbai’s streets and the apathy with so much ease; but this masterpiece is ignored by the masses,  maybe because it didn’t have a Khan-presence. The film has no songs so any marketing attempts have failed miserably.

At the end you realize that children are born sometimes to ungrateful parents. That sometimes your guardian is in fact the actual person who cares for you and not your own flesh and blood. It makes you realize that money makes the world go round.

A child suffered terribly and many children suffer worse fates on the streets than what you and I can imagine.

The film ends with a realization which shakes you to the core. Where it dawns on you that this was based on actual events and someone really went through the ordeal.

The film left me in tears, the emotional fool I have become after motherhood.  It also helped me appreciate my parents for being there for me, when I needed them. I hope someday when you have kids, you realize the impact you have on your child’s life. I urge you to see this masterpiece. If nothing else it will be a good piece of cinema that you would be proud of watching.

After watching the movie, when I recommended it to friends, the first question that some of them asked was about who was  starring in it. Ronit Roy, Rahul Bhat and Tejaswani Kolhapure are names which don’t spark any excitement; I wish an Aamir Khan would have been in this film to excite you to post a status message the same way PK was reviewed.

I truly wish that this film gets its due. Because it may not have a hard-hitting religious message, but it does expose the misconception that folks have about unplanned parenthood.


© KB, 2014.


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