Birthdays are days to celebrate life, to take stock of what you have achieved; to share time with those whom you consider closest to you. They are a time to realize the mistakes made and the relationships lost.

Every birthday we soul-search or we just blindly party.

As we grow up, we look around the table and see the smiles, hoping that we are always surrounded by the same people every year. But suppose the table becomes empty? Do you remember the time when you last celebrated birthdays with your parents? Do you remember the joy they got when you shared a piece of cake with them?

We all celebrate birthdays with new clothes and make elaborate plans to treat friends; but do we  appreciate the prayers that our parents would have said to ensure that your entry into this world was smooth? My fondest memory of my birthdays is of my Ma kissing me on the forehead and wishing me and hugging me even before my feet touched the ground. I used to hold on to her for some time and then quickly rush out the door to spend the entire day with my friends. Even her birthdays were just a ‘hit-and-wish’, as she was not much into celebrations for herself. But I feel I could have done more.

I know a teenager who celebrates her birthday with an orphanage. How often will she continue this, I am not sure. Maybe life will deal a different set of cards for her and she will probably be caught up in the various struggles of life.

I have a rule which I follow when it comes to wishing people on birthdays. If I haven’t spoken to you in the last year or haven’t had any interaction with you during the last 12 months, I am not going to wish you. Because you deserve better. If I am just remembering you from a Facebook notification, I don’t deserve to be on your “friend list”.

Take time out on this one day and spend it with folks that matter. Make this day count meaningfully. Even while wishing someone on their special days, wish with your heart not just your lips; take some time and make your wish count; you rarely get opportunities to appreciate a person, use this day to appreciate as well.

Trust me you will add miles to the smiles on the face of the person you wish.

© K


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