The Familiar Touch

I want to feel,

I want to feel love again,

The way your hand felt rough, against my face.

The life line in your palm was long; you’re suffering lasting long enough.

The warm embrace in the middle of the night, when the demons in my head awakened , miss that the most.

If I shut my eyes tight, I can go back to the time,

When I had to just move my hand and feel your arm, sleeping right next to me, the familiar touch.

The birthday greeting, even before my feet touched the ground, is now a dream, a set of new clothes all waiting for me.

The hug that followed and the best wishes whispered in my ear, the familiar touch was so near.


Only for today not a harsh word to say, forgiving my mistakes along the way,

Life can be cruel, is all I have to say, taking you from me just two days after my birthday.

The last wish I got from you was on your hospital bed, I reminded you Ma- “wish me Ma today is my birthday”.

The familiar touch of the hand as it runs past my forehead, the hug, the kiss I got.

But the wish in a softer voice I should have recorded.

How do I celebrate my existence, knowing that I will be reliving your death so close every year?

The familiar touch, the soft kiss and the beautiful wish of health, wealth and happiness is all I ever want.

This day will never be the same; your favorite baby has aged on every count.

When I am old and ready to go, I will celebrate this day because I am going to be with you then.

The familiar touch, hugs, and kisses, all to be felt again.


~ K



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