Please take a peek,you

Here I am. It is one am and I am not sleeping.

I don’t suffer from insomnia and the reason I am awake at this hour is because of Piku.

I just watched the film and it has made such an impact on me that I would love to encourage more directors and financiers to make such films.

It is written so well, that the writer in me wanted to hug Juhi Chaturvedi  for taking a mundane topic and turning into a family drama. The film covers everything, from death to virginity to constipation. It revolves around Deepika’s character, who has an eccentric father and who she constantly fights with but as a dutiful daughter, gives in to his whims and fancies.

The delicate relationship between an old parent and a middle aged woman is wonderfully explored. The acting by Mr. Bachchan is one of his best ever. I won’t be surprised if he bags a few awards for this one.  All the actors in their various roles have managed to portray all their emotions so well that if I had to search for a flaw in the movie, it would be that it was not long enough. I simply was disappointed that it ended and there would be no more Mr Bhaskor to liven up the screen.

The movie gives us a glimpse of Kolkata and what it is to stay true to your roots. It doesn’t leave you teary-eyed but with a lingering smile which stays with you, long after the movie is over.

So I urge you to take some time out this weekend and watch this movie, because if this is the future of Bollywood, then I say bring it on.

© KB, 2015

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