A hot cup of Tea


A hot cup of tea

It has its own story.

Like how the mint leaves boiling fill up the kitchen and with just a spoon of tea powder the senses are awakened.  As you watch the tea being boiled, you contemplate the day that is about to begin or the one gone by. . Just a dash of sugar and the tea is ready to be poured.

Add a little milk and as you mix, touching the spoon gently, you feel like a queen.

The steam coming out of the cup is like a ballerina’s pirouette.

Inviting you to sip and lose yourself in her graceful dance.

With each twirl she pushes you to dream about what you can become.

Till you take the first sip and exhale.

The ballerina is within you, prancing to the music in your head, where nothing else matters,

The world problems seem so small and the boss seems friendly. Your ambitions soar with each sip, you have already mapped out your next task for the day. Slowly sipping, till the last drop.

Alas it finally ends, as all things must. The world doesn’t seem so rosy anymore. You glance at the tea pot and contemplate another cup but responsibilities are calling, and the music has stopped. You pick up the bits and pieces of the remaining part of the day and hope you can make it till the magic returns with the next cup.


K(Tea lover)

March 17, 2019


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