Comfort zones

The hand that nurtured you was hard and rough.

The heart that loved you is forever sleeping.

People change their motives depending on what you can do for them.

A selfless soul I am yet to meet.

Everyone has so many shades. And not all of them are gray.

A sad heart, but a smiling face.

A broken hand, but an active mind who loves to write but can’t.

A day long enough for two meals but short enough that we don’t have time to stop and stare at the rain on our windows.

Hatred so deep in humans that it dictates what you eat, see and think.

Children are the true heroes in our lives: honest , pure and unadulterated before  modern technology changes them too.

From open minds to biased thoughts, from full house to empty kitchens, the world is ever changing.

People can change, but do they want to?

Comfort zones filled with silence, diplomacy and hypocrisy.


March 10, 2019


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