Your measure of happiness.

We all have our insecurities.

Hidden behind our mask.

Too afraid to show.

Happily dwelling in our fake display pictures.

If only we didn’t judge one another. Maybe we would be kinder to ourselves.

Nobody is perfect. Or so the saying goes.

Then why do we have such high expectations from others? From ourselves?

Our standards of beauty are measured

By the color of our skin, by the fat on our body.

By the length of our hair.

Not by the kind eyes with which we see the world with.

Our intelligence is measured .By scores you get from standardized tests.

From the monthly salary you bring home.

Not from the kind words you say to mend broken hearts.

Our success is measured

By the amount you spend.

The number of cars and fancy houses.

Not from the good deeds done which contributed to your success.

Lastly and most importantly we measure love by the things ones does for someone.

To fit into the mold of happy life set by society.

We live in a bubble and it will burst.

Then you will see,

Success in life is not about pleasing everyone.

But about being honest to yourself at least.

To accept your flaws.

Not as scars or trophies but as

Human beings who are growing and learning in every stage of life.

Beauty is a concept that is still not defined correctly.

Because there is beauty in a child’s laughter and in the palm of an old man with years of wrinkles due to experiences on his face.

Intelligence can be measured on how you treat the less privileged.

And lastly my favorite.

Love in all its glory can’t be measured.

Because it’s the feeling that starts from when you are born and it is never enough

Till you die.

The unconditional love we all know is that we received from our parents. Then why do we always want to measure it?

The world as it stands today.

Needs to be kinder.

More understanding.

More tolerant and accepting.

Otherwise we are just smiling faces in photographs, but dead from the inside.


11th July 2020


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