Frozen – Film Review


The movie Frozen starts with a classic Mickey Mouse preview which sets the stage for an amazing journey into a Disney film. The story is a fairytale like no other. It’s a tale of two sisters Princess Anna and her elder sister Queen Elda who love each other but due to circumstances are not able to connect to each other but grow up in the same house; in two separate worlds. Princess Anna longs for her elder sister Queen Elda love and affection without realizing the chains that bound her. She sets off in a journey to search for her sister in order to restore the glory of arronville (their kingdom). The movie has some amazing animation that keeps the kids glued and the adults even more to their seats. The beauty of an animated movie is when audiences of all ages enjoy the movie together and this is Frozen biggest strength. It doesn’t disrupt the momentum even when the characters break out in a song and dance and they do quite often. The songs are quite melodious and can be sung along with kids in a karaoke contest, especially the song “Let It Go”: Performed by Idina Menzel in the film; single release performed by Demi Lovato,  can be associated with any teenagers anguish for freedom or anyone waiting to explore the world. A lot of detailing has gone into the movie including the costumes of the characters. The ending is NOT your typical true love meets prince charming and its best if you discover it yourself. Overall this movie deserves all the accolades it gets for the fantasy it creates, the out of the world experience and the amazing story line, which keep us FROZEN throughout the fast paced movie.

5 Stars . 

November 30th 2013.


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