Dhoom 3 – Indian Movie Review


On the onset, I love Aamir right from school, so he was the only reason I agreed to tolerate this movie. Having said that please just wait for the television premier instead of wasting your hard earned money. The movie is simply put chor police! That is thief robs bank (they don’t show how) and is seeing fleeing the scene of the crime always on a bike and to catch him ,all the way from Mumbai two apparently “Top cops” are called. I mean FBI, CIA all are irrelevant in front of Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachan) and his sidekick whatever his name is.  The story has a good twist in the tale but alas social media had already spoilt the suspense for me. Everyone has overacted, maybe not Jackie Shroff the legend that he is. The bike sequence is good i.e. the bike turning into a small Jet Ski and back again to a bike, however is a little hard to digest. But what the hell it’s Dhoom 3 with Aamir, something’s got to be different right!! The ending is by far the most disappointing as compared to the last dhoom series where the villains always used to escape or survive. The only thing I loved in the movie was the choreography. Some amazing footwork and dance moves by both the stars Amir and Katrina in the show. I know both the actors practiced and learnt new forms of dancing only for the movie, though sometimes Aamir looked more like a spoilt child not getting his toy from a toy store in his tap dance moves, sorry Aamir remember I love you, STILL. I love the location; Chicago the beautiful city with all its architecture brought back a lot of pleasant memories. My only request to Aamir is do what you do best; smile more not give conniving and deceptive looks, it looked more funny than villainous. The director/script writer needs to add less stupid dialogues for Abhishak Bachan and yes he needs a haircut. Uday whatever I preferred playing candy crush more than watching you trying to act, honestly give up acting and go behind the camera. And lastly Katrina good moves great effort at the strip tease, however i am wondering which circus showcases this? Maybe you should have shown your dance moves to the Bankers at the start of the movie, which could have saved the circus and us from the whole movie.

Overall Rating- 2 Stars (only for Aamir who tried to act the mentally-challenged character)


5th January 2014.


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